Some advices to get more spins on Coin Master

Some advices to get more spins on Coin Master

Collecting spins is the main and the favorite activity of coin master players. Of course, spins are essential if you want to play the game. Spins allow players to win resources necessary to develop and protect your village, win tournaments and get many other bonuses. In other term, if you have no spins, you can’t play on Coin Master. Now you understand why they are so important on the game. So read the guide below if you want to get tips about how to save and get more spins for free on Coin Master.

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Use the free spins generator

A thing that not much player know in Coin Master is that there are all kind of cheats available online. Indeed some weeks ago, a news came in coin master community that didn’t make too much noise but which is nevertheless revolutionary. Some players find the way to get spins for free in Coin Master with some online softwares. It’s not really recommended to use these tool, but for players who don’t take the game to seriously it can be so cool. Imagine having like 10k spins in less thant 5 minutes? It’s crazy! Thanks to this cheat, some players are able to reach very high levels without effort.

Play with events

Something that players seem to forget all time is to keep their spins to play while some crazy events are on. Indeed, almost everyday there is a different event on Coin Master. These events are of all kinds, sometimes they are just fancy like Balloon Frenzy or very usefull like Cards for Chests. But sometimes, they are events based on spins and gold rewards. Basically, if you have a high number of spins (more than 1k) you would wait for one of the following events: Attack Madness, Raid Madness , Bet Blast, Jackpot. They are the best events you can hope, and also they will sometime combine, so you can earn even more.

Also there is pretty often some tournament that give a great rewards for top 10 of the leaderboard. So, if you wait for a tounament before you spend a lot of spins, you have a big chance to get a lot of spins back as reward.

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