Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app under the spotlight is all anyone’s talking about 

Sarahah, the anonymous messaging app under the spotlight is all anyone’s talking about 

This new application has just arrived in all countries. It was created by a young Saudi Arabian, initially intended for the world of work and therefore adults.

The goal is to send anonymous messages to colleagues. Say what we couldn’t say in real life. Its name also means “honesty” in Saudi Arabia. :

Sarahah is available on all the smartphones. All you need to do is download it on the applestore or google play store for example.

The young people quickly appropriated this application by diverting it from its original purpose. Indeed, you only need to create a profile on the app to get a link that allows others to send you anonymous messages. Teenagers have begun to share their links on different social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and especially Snapchat. Moreover, the last snapchat update makes it easier to share external links.

The popularity and dangers of this app have pushed programmers to develop an interesting tool for Sarahah. It’s more or less a hack for Sarahah. The development of computer technologies makes it possible to achieve this kind of exploit. How to hack Sarahah you asking me? Nothing more basic. This website will examine Sarahah’s server data to bring out the senders of messages. To make this tool easier to use, follow the steps below:

1) Go to the above site, and log in your sarahah account with your username.

2) You can now choose the data you want to extract, for example, you can reveal emails, Facebook accounts or Insgram’s or also Snapchat’s senders.

3) Start the procedure to reveal who is sending you messages!

All these steps are explained in this tutorial video on Youtube :

On Sarahah, you can’t see the sender or answer him, so the children let go. Many children complained that they had received insults and other hurtful remarks. This can have a disastrous effect on the teenagers psychological development,

We must therefore remind parents to remain vigilant, and encourage them to use this new way to hack Sarahah

With such popularity, the app is not about to disappear. It has even become a favorite app on the young people smartphones. Fortunately, with the advent of sarahah hacking, children can protect themselves in a certain way by exposing the senders identity . It is important to understand that being anonymous on the Internet today does not mean much anymore.

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