How to spend your v-bucks after the big Fortnite update ?

How to spend your v-bucks after the big Fortnite update ?

The second season of Fortnite is know well engaged and things are finally going to shape. Indeed, 2 weeks ago we saw the biggest Fortnite update that a lot of loyal players was waiting for. The resultat is even bigger that we thought: a lot of content was added to the map (which was know to be poor and certains zone was desert) plus great things was added like mini potion, a lot of bugs were fixed etc.. Now the map contains fews new cities uncluding a huge one with number of high building, there are also more warehouse and mines zone. Decort is now changing according to the zone you are, the ground, trees and all the evironment are differents so you can find your way more easily. A game seem to take longer to finish if you get top 1 as there are more spawn zone possible, so it’s make the game even more strategic and fun !

Players since long time would now think to get a great skin to change their appareance inside the game. There are plenty of differents skins that are avalaible weekly or daily during all the season so this is the good moment to get your v-bucks. You can get free v-bucks by various ways, there are a lot of tutorials that explain what you can do to get some v-bucks for free. You won’t be able to buy the rarest and the most expensive skin with these v-bucks as you can only get a limited amount if you don’t pay for it. After all, if you really want to get v-bucks for your skins, why would’nt you want to spend some dollar to get them?

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