Few Ways To Get a Netflix Account at no Cost

Few Ways To Get a Netflix Account at no Cost

We are in 2018 and Netflix is became the indispensable platefrom for people who like to watch films, series or even documentaries. With these huge panel of programs available, everyone can find something that will match with what he wants to watch. The only negative point that can prevent people to use Netflix is how much you have to pay monthly for these programs. If you already own a televison with a subscription you could not want to pay again for another TV program. If you want a Netlix account, you need to pay minimum 8$ per month for a simple subscription untill 20$ per month for 4 people.

What are the tips to get Netflix for free?

1rst month free:

There are fews advices to know when you want use Netflix if you want to save some dollar. First, don’t forget that when you join Netflix in the first time you will always have the first month for free. So you will start paying your subscription after 1 month that is a great thing. If you arn’t lazy and if you own many e-mail adresse + payment method (Paypal, Credit Card,etc..) you should try to get Netflix only with this first month offered. Just make another account when the first month if over. That method is well knowed by Netflix users but a bit boring as you will lose all your content every months.

Share an account:

Another smart way to pay less for a Netflix account is to share your account with some of your friends. You can choose for a 4 people subscription which is about 20$ per months and so you can divide the price per 4. It means you will pay about 5$ per months per people, and that’s less than if you choose a single person account (7-8$).

Use Netlifx online generator:

The ultimate and the best method to get a free Netflix account is to use a Netflix account generator. There are usually available online and most of them are 100% free to use. You can find the best Netflix account generator on a French website called Yourpinterest: Netflix Gratuit and start now with your fresh account! Basically, all you will need to do is to enter your e-mail adress where you want your account and to choose what subscription you want ( you advise premium for you as this is the best one). After you complete that, you will perhaps have to complete something called “human verification” so just do what they ask to you (it’s 100% safe and free). After all these steps, wait about 10 minutes and you should receive the confirmation e-mail on your adress for the Netflix account.

Netflix Gratuit

So, here are all the methods that are well knowed by most of people to get a free Netflix account. All of them are already proven and tested by our team, so don’t wait anymore and get started with your new account for free.

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