Episode choose your story: a game different from the others?

Episode choose your story: a game different from the others?

Welcome to the world of Episode, this game where everything is possible, and where your choices inspire your most beautiful stories. In this evolutionary game, you embody a character who lives his life like a story… Except you write it! There are two different game modes:

Campus Crush: Welcome to your first year on a new campus. You managed to get into Lockwood University, a famous American university. But will you make new friends? Meet someone? And what will you find out about your mysterious scholarship? So much mystery to discover that made this game so successful. It’s up to you to move forward and write this beautiful story.

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Tea & Poison: A missing heir, a poisoned duke, and a bizarre antique medallion! Can you unravel the mysteries of the aristocracy before it’s too late? You are Miss Kingston and on your 18th birthday, you suddenly find yourself plunged into a world of intrigue and betrayal from which you will have the chance to escape with her life.

Following the murder of a Duke, you investigate through the aristocracy to unravel the mysteries of this dark investigation. What will you find out about this strange missing heir? Another story to discover through this innovative game.

Attention, like all games, it is free but you will have the opportunity to spend money to unlock your stories faster. Indeed, you will need gems to advance your story faster. The game is limited to a few minutes a day, which can be frustrating. You can use this Episode Cheats to avoid this frustration, and unlock free resources on your account!

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