Best Bingo Blitz advices to earn freebies

Best Bingo Blitz advices to earn freebies

Bingo Blitz is the game ofthe years 2020 you want to play if you like lottery games. In this game, you need to buy some grids and hope to complete faster than other players. The frist 20 people who got the bingo are winner. So they win some useful rewards to earn more resources likes credits and coins to get level up. They are plenty of levels that you need to pass to unlock new landscapes. But to do all these things you will need to have a serious amount of bingo blitz freebies in order. Indeed, credits are the currency used to buy more grid, and so get XP, rewards more credits etc….

How to get Credits for free in Bingo Blitz

First Method

Here is the first method I want to give you to get freebies on Bingo Blitz. What you need to do is to find out some services that collect all gift links that are available for this game. Actually, everyday the official bingo blitz team gives to players some links on social providing bonus such as free credits. To get these bonus you have 2 choices; first go on social media like facebook and instagram, follow Bingo Blitz offical pages and check everyday if they post a gift link. Another method to get these free credits is to go on a website where is listed all the last bonus links. Both method will give you same result, so it only depends on what you prefere to do.

Second Method

The second way I want to present you is a bit less knowed by majority of players. This method is all about cheating the game to provide you some free resources. In order to do this, you need to access an online generator for bingo blitz credits (go to the link in the header). Once you are there, simply syncronize your account and ask for the resources you want. It usually takes only few minutes to make effect on your account and you can get up to few thousand of credits for free.

bingo blitz credits methods

Yes this method is over powered and most of players still ingore it. Also, the last method isn’t verty ethical so it’s hope to you to choose which methods you prefere.

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